A First Time for Everything

A few weeks ago we bought a new book called 52 Uncommon Dates. We enjoy going on dates and thought this book sounded like something fun to try. Even though we really enjoy going to our favorite restaurants and a movie all the time, it is fun to mix it up sometimes.

The first date in the book is titled, The First Time for Everything Date. Each date has Bible verses and things to pray about that go along with the theme of the date. We thought, we’re in Nepal, this should be easy to find things that we’ve never done before.

editedIMG_20170426_113206There are suggested tips in each chapter to help make the date happen. The first one for this date was Change your venue. You are supposed to start your date in a part of town (or new town) that you have never stepped foot in. Kathmandu is a very large city with over 1 million people, so it’s safe to say there are many parts of town we’ve never set foot in. We decided to hop on one of the buses and ride it until we were in a part of town we’d never been before. Don’t worry, we had google maps pulled up on my phone so we knew exactly where we were. We got to one of the bus stops near the airport and decided to make that our starting place for the date. We had driven through this area before when arriving or leaving Kathmandu, but we’d never gotten out and walked around, so we counted it as somewhere new.


Tip number two was Expand your palate. Along with being in a new area, you are supposed to find the most eclectic restaurant and order something you have never eaten before. Being in Nepal, there are plenty of foods we have never tried before, so we thought this would be pretty easy. As we were walking along the road we saw Unique Food Cafe, and we figured a restaurant called unique surely fits into this date. Mitch decided to try the mutton curry and I had thukpa. I wasn’t even sure what that was, but the picture had noodles, so I figured that ups the editedIMG_20170506_115544chance of me liking the food. Our food arrived and I was quite enjoying mine until……I bit into a small, very spicy pepper! These peppers are hotter than jalapenos and I am not a fan of spicy food. My eyes started watering and my mouth was literally in pain. I had thought I was taking a bite of a green bell pepper, but I was very wrong. After that, I was a lot more careful about what was on my spoon before eating it, and had to pick out several more of these pepper pieces.

Also while we were at the restaurant we heard some loud music start playing right outside and we saw photographers and videographers and a whole crowd of people. After watching for a little while we realized it was a wedding procession! In Nepal, it is tradition for the groom to be picked up at his house by a band, and then walk to his bride’s house with the band playing the whole way. It was really neat to see and definitely added to the first time for everything experience.


Tip three was Explore a new form of entertainment. We decided that since we were near the airport we would sit and watch the planes land and take off. It was something neither of us had done before and it was a lot of fun. We enjoyed trying to read which airline was written on the plane and trying to guess which direction the next one would be coming from. If you live near an airport and have never sat and watched the planes before, I would recommend it.


The fourth tip was to Keep the conversation fresh. It said to declare your normal conversation topics off-limits and anything you’ve never talked about before is fair game. So we had a lot of fun coming up with weird questions to ask each other to get the conversation rolling, such as “if you could live in any TV show, which would you choose?” or “if you could be an imaginary animal what would it be?” My answer to that one was a flying cat. Definitely imaginary there.

At the end of the chapter it gives you questions to talk about before the end of your date about how the date went and if you enjoyed this type of date or not. Each chapter also gives tips on how to speak your spouse’s love language during the date.

On our way home, we even experienced something new on the bus ride. We got on a bus that was tall enough for Mitch to stand up straight, had a TV screen and speaker announcing each stop, and had a female working, collecting the passengers’ money. All of these things are not common for buses in Nepal. We have been on just a couple of other buses tall enough for Mitch, but we had never seen one announcing the stops in that way or with a female worker. It was neat that even the things we’re used to were “new” on this date.

Overall it was a very fun date and we created a lot of good memories. I don’t think I’d want to do a date like this every time, I do enjoy my favorite restaurants for a reason, but it was good to get out of our comfort zone and try something a little different. I would encourage all of you to do the same. Don’t be afraid, just have fun! “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” – 2 Timothy 1:7