Friendships Formed, Lessons Learned

Our first trip to Nepal is almost complete. We head back to the United States in less than a week. It’s weird how quickly five months can go. In the beginning I thought five months would feel like a very long time. But now at the end, I feel like it was hardly any time at all.

In the short five months we have spent here, we have learned a lot and made some really great friends. It will be hard to say good-bye, but hopefully it is just “see you later” instead of “good-bye.” Even with the language barrier at times, it was so easy to make friends and connect with the people we met, which was not how I thought it would be. We’ve learned many things while in Nepal and we wanted to share some of them with you.

  1. You can find friends any where you go. No matter where life takes you, God will bring people into your life to become your friends. You just have to put yourself out there and interact. People are usually willing to engage in conversation if you just try.IMG_1284
  2. Don’t let anything hold you back. Although we did not know very much Nepali and some of the Nepalis didn’t know very much English, it didn’t stop us from trying to connect and become friends. There are ways to communicate without words. Facial expressions and gestures are a good start, but you can connect with people other ways too. I (Sonja) experienced this by taking photos of/with people. Photography is a universal language. Most people like having their picture taken and seeing pictures of themselves. (Photo below by Mary Faber)Purnaa_Easter2016_117
  3. Love. Jesus tells us to love one another. He tells us to love our neighbor as our-self. Don’t let things like a time frame stop you from pouring out love onto those around you. We knew we would only be in Nepal for five months, but that did not stop us from loving the people we met and forming meaningful relationships with them. IMG_3075
  4. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Going into a new culture brings about a lot of new things to try. When trying new things, you will fail some times, but don’t let that stop you. If you have never failed, then you’ve probably never tried anything new. Trying new things is fun! It lets you experience some things that you might never have thought you would do. (Photo below by Mary Faber)Purnaa_Easter2016_85

If you’ve never traveled outside of your home country, we would highly recommend doing so. It lets you experience life in a different way and helps you to learn more about yourself and about others.

You probably won’t hear from us again until we are back in the States. Stay tuned for where God takes us on our next adventure!IMG_8471


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