Follow our adventure

Hello friends! Welcome to our blog. Our names are Mitch and Sonja Kraft. This is a blog about our lives and the adventures we go on. 2016-01-13 23.44.36-2.jpg

If you don’t know us very well, I’ll give you a few facts about us. We have been married for about 2 1/2 years and absolutely love being married. Mitch is a businessman and Sonja is a photographer. Some random facts about us, Mitch has an identical twin. He loves running and eating meat. Sonja is about 1 1/2 years older than Mitch. She loves cats and pasta. But most importantly, we both love Jesus and want to follow Him in every aspect of our lives. Mitch grew up in South Dakota and I (Sonja) grew up in Wyoming. We met in college in South Dakota and that is where we have been living. But currently we are in Nepal, which is quite the adventure!

Right now we are part of a team of 10 people, but soon most of our team will leave and we will stay in Nepal for an extra two months. We are very excited for this new phase of our trip and it will help us really see what it would be like to live in Nepal for a longer amount of time. It is a dream of ours that God would lead us back to Nepal after this trip. Nepal is full of wonderful, caring people and we are loving the people we are getting to know here. If you have never visited Nepal, we highly recommend it. And, as tourism is one of the largest industries in Nepal, you would also be helping the country out too! Win win. 🙂

Since this is just my introductory blog, I don’t have a lot to put on here, but I will share a story that happened today. We hopped on a bus this morning, and in Nepal, the buses are usually very crowded with many people standing. The bus we got on had all the seats full, which is not uncommon. A young boy, maybe about 10 years old, stood up and gave me his seat. It was just a simple act of kindness, but it put a smile on my face as I graciously said thank you.

Thanks for reading and we hope you’ll visit our blog again!